West Bloomfield church’s organ is one of a kind

What if a musical instrument you owned was the only one of its kind?

That is the case with the organ in the West Bloomfield Congregational Church. Made by the W.J. Davis Co. of Buffalo in 1875, it is the only known organ still in existence built by that organ maker.

This Saturday, a citation from the Organ Historical Society will honor the instrument during a ceremony at the church. The international society is holding its annual convention in Rochester, and members will be visiting organs throughout the region. Its member musicians, organ builders, historians, scholars and music lovers celebrate, preserve and study the pipe organ in America in all its historic styles.

Besides the West Bloomfield church, the Avon Methodist Church, which owns an A.B. Felgemaker Co. organ dating to 1895, is also receiving a historic organ citation.

“As part of the citation, we have promised to keep the organ in good repair and not do any dramatic renovations that would damage its historic value,” said the Rev. Corey Keyes, pastor of the West Bloomfield church, of the instrument noted for having excellent tonal and mechanical preservation for its age.

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