Deadline to remove “I Love NY” signs approaching

New York State doesn’t seem to need any help dealing with the illegal “I Love NY” signs that line our highways.

The deadline to remove them is approaching fast and there’s no sign that the signs are, or will be, taken down.

The Federal Highway Administration says it will pull $14-million in funding if the signs are not removed by Sept. 30 and those elected to represent New Yorkers in Washington may end up letting them.

NYS taxpayers already paid more than $9 million to make and erect the signs, but there are strict federal guidelines when it comes to highway signs, and the “I Love NY” signs do not meet them.

They don’t provide specific navigational information and are too cluttered and distracting.

The FHWA says the state ignored its warnings before production and its orders to remove them once they were up so, they set a deadline for removal or $14-million in federal highway funding will be cut.

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