Seneca Falls man admits using relatives’ identities to steal around $175k

In June 2015, Raymond Tortorello Jr. went to the bank to obtain a loan, but he took someone else’s ID.

Late last year, Tortorello, 30, of 312 Gravel Road, Seneca Falls, was arrested and charged with seven counts of first-degree identity theft and one count of third-degree grand larceny, all class D felonies. At the time, the Auburn Police Department said Tortorello had used his Auburn relatives’ identities to withdraw nearly $20,000 in cash and secure roughly $160,000 in personal loans.

In Cayuga County Court Thursday, Tortorello pleaded guilty to four counts of first-degree identity theft and admitted to using his grandfather’s identity to take out more than $130,000 worth of cash and loans. He also said he used his grandmother’s identity to get a $30,000 loan for a vehicle.

But Tortorello’s defense attorney, David Elkovitch, said that wasn’t everything, as Tortorello had faced similar charges in Ohio and Pennsylvania. He has since pleaded guilty to identity theft in both states and owes additional restitution there.

In Cayuga County, Tortorello could face up to seven years in prison on each count; however, he will likely be sentenced to five years probation. As a condition of his probation, Elkovitch said, Tortorello will also have to pay restitution, which will be capped at $173,000.

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