Bristol man spots 250 lb. black bear on his patio

A Bristol man has a bear of a story to tell.

Don Bombace starts each day with a cup of coffee but earlier this week, an unexpected visitor forced a change in his morning routine. This sighting prompted him to grab his phone and shoot video of what he saw.

“I was drinking a cup of coffee, watching the news, and I had just glanced out the back door ’cause I could see the back patio door from where I sat,” Bombace said. “I saw something black.”

What he spotted immediately was a black bear, not fully grown but big enough at about 250 pounds to cause a start.

“It’s standing right there, practically looking inside the window,” Bombace said.

In 30 years, in his woodland paradise, he had never seen a bear — and this was no ordinary encounter.

The bear, which was just three feet from the house, must have heard Bombace’s movements as he captured the video. That’s when the bear finally scampered away.

“It was the thrill of my life, and if I see another one then I guess I’m blessed to see what I came out here for, and that’s Mother Nature at its best,” Bombace said.

Bombace, who built his business in Farmington, wanted a place in paradise and so in 1987, he came to live in a log cabin in the woods.

Bristol was the perfect spot to build, he said.

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