Eric Dungey has something to say to people who say he’s injury-prone

Eric Dungey remembers looking at Dontae Strickland in the huddle at Florida State last season and telling him he thought he broke his foot.

Everyone harps on him to slide — this time he did — and, naturally, he still got hurt after a short run ended with a defender crunching his toe.

“My toe just hit the top of my foot,” Dungey says. “I felt it immediately.”

“First real injury he’s ever had,” his father says.

Strickland alerted the Syracuse coaches to call timeout. Dungey, whose warrior-like persona makes him a fan favorite, stayed in the game, got the play call and tried throwing a pass to the running back on a wheel pattern down the sideline.

“I was like, ‘OK, let’s see how this goes,’ ” Dungey says. “So, I try to throw. I put pressure on it, and my foot just gives out and I throw a duck.”

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