The 33 best colleges in Upstate New York, ranked for 2019

A new ranking of the best colleges in America by The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education is one of many college search and ranking tools available to parents and prospective students, but a noteworthy one for its focus.

Unlike the Princeton Review, the WSJ/THE ranking doesn’t shy away from giving an overall numeric rank to every college on its list of nearly 1,000. It also weighs student outcomes, such as graduation rate and value a degree adds to a graduate’s salary, heaviest among the many factors included in the research. (Full methodology)

Below, you can find all the 33 top ranked schools in Upstate NY that made the 2019 list of best colleges, as well as important data for each school, including average post-graduation salary, tuition, student/faculty ratio and more.

All schools below were ranked among the top 500 nationwide. The master ranking includes 968 schools, including more schools in New York, but beyond 500 they are ranked en masse (501-600, 601-800, etc.)
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