New leadership and security at Skaneateles Central School District

An official welcome on her first official day.

Meet Lynda Quick, the new superintendent of the Skaneateles Central School District.

She comes here from the Southern Tier where she was a district superintendent for one BOCES school.

But this isn’t the only new addition to the district. There is a list of safety upgrades.

In the hallways of each building, you can find 160 additional cameras.

Plus all faculty has swipe access at all entrances of every building on the campus.

Once you walk in you’ll be greeted by an intercom system with a security camera.

Push a button, and the main office will see a visitor’s face on a screen, then they have the ability to buzz people into each building.

Two school security guards are also back in the halls again.

They were brought back to the district in the spring of last year.

Each officer is a retired member of law enforcement and will be armed in the school.

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