Sheriff Luce: Felony arrests after trio sells vehicle that doesn’t belong to them

Seneca County Sheriff Tim Luce reports the arrest of three local residents on multiple charges following the investigation of a scheme to sell a vehicle that didn’t belong to them.

Laurie M. Foulkrod, 45, Christopher Brinson, 32, and Austin T. Wheeler, 21, were all arrested on various felony charges.

Wheeler was charged with conspiracy, grand larceny, first- and second-degree forgery, first- and second-degree possession of a forged instrument, and first-degree identify theft. All of those charges are felonies, according to deputies.

Foulkrod was charged with grand larceny and conspiracy – both felonies.

Brinson was charged with grand larceny, conspiracy and criminal facilitation. Two-of-three charges are felonies, according to deputies.

The trio is accused of conspiring to sell a 2003 Cadillac Escalade that did not belong to them. During the course of the sale, Wheeler forged several documents as someone other than himself. Deputies say Wheeler was claiming to be the owner of the vehicle.

Brinson posted an ad on Facebook leading to the facilitation charge and setting the entire incident into motion.

The vehicle was sold for $4,000, according to deputies, who said it was also reported stolen and recovered by investigators.

The incident began unfolding on August 23rd and the vehicle was recovered on September 10th. The trio was arraigned on September 20th.

Foulkrod was released. However, the other two were held on no bail, due to prior felony convictions.

Additional court action is scheduled.