Ex-Auburn Correctional Facility inmate sentenced for hiding knife, razor blade

A former inmate at the Auburn Correctional Facility is heading back behind bars. Cayuga County District Attorney Jon Budelmann says Brandon Griffith was sentenced earlier today to two and a half years in prison after allegedly manipulating the court system.

In a statement, Budelmann says Griffith delayed sentencing on charges of concealing weapons on two separate occasions in 2015 while he was a prisoner in Auburn. Budelmann says Griffith pretended to be incompetent to delay sentencing until he pleaded guilty earlier this year.

Griffith was allegedly caught with a weapon in the prison yard in September 2015, then was found with another weapon four months later. Griffith pleased guilty this past spring after authorities confronted him with audio recordings of himself declaring himself a “paralegal scholar.”

Reporting by Joe Salzone, Cayuga County reporter for FingerLakes1.com.