Auburn City Council authorizes grant to seek welcome center volunteer funding

On Thursday night, the city council unanimously approved a resolution to seek funding through a federal grant for the city’s Retired Seniors Volunteer Program that could benefit the new downtown Equal Rights Heritage Center by allowing seniors to volunteer there.

If awarded the grant, RSVP would receive $40,000 for the next three years for a total aggregate amount of $120,000. The agency’s operating expenses include transportation, meals and training.

RSVP, which has been functioning for 45 years and consists of 420 volunteers, “gives people 55 and older an opportunity to give back to the community in some way,” said program director Mary Ann Kolo. “Volunteers give back on experience and interests that they already have, as well as new interests.”

RSVP volunteers serve at 62 nonprofit institutes, agencies and organizations in the community.

On a three-year basis, RSVP reapplies for funding from the Corporation for National and Community Service. Now that the grant application has been authorized, the city must complete the renewal by Nov. 7.

The Auburn Citizen:
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