LATEST: Bohlar enters not guilty plea in Sodus double murder case (full coverage)

Bohlar pleads not guilty to conspiring in Sodus double murder case

Bron Bohlar, one of three people arrested in connection to the murders of a Sodus couple in October, pleaded not guilty in court Monday morning.

Bohlar was extradited from Moore County, Texas to answer to a conspiracy charge in the investigation into the October 22 killing of Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn.

He is accused of renting a car for Dean and discussing plans for the murders while inside Dean and Childers’ garage.

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Dean, Childers face four counts of murder

The two suspects at the center of a double-homicide investigation in Sodus have been charged with murder.

Timothy Dean and Charlene Childers both have been charged with the murder of Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn. The Sodus couple was gunned down in broad daylight — marking another tragedy for a community that has dealt with it’s share in the last year.

Dean was charged with three counts of murder. He is accused of pulling the trigger and shooting the couple, who had recently won a custody battle, which involved Childers and Niles.

For her role in the killings, which were said to have been planned with a third suspect, Bronchiole Bohlar, Charlene Childers was charged with one count of murder. She was also charged with conspiracy at an earlier date.

Bohlar still only faces a conspiracy charge in the incident.

Dean arrives in Sodus, arraigned on murder charges

Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts reports that the former Sunray police chief accused of pulling the trigger in an October 22nd double-murder has been arraigned on murder charges in Sodus Town Court.

Timothy Dean, 32, of Sunray, Texas was arraigned on the charge of murder in the first degree, two counts of murder in the second degree, two counts of criminal possession in the second degree and conspiracy in the second degree.

He arrived in Wayne County on Friday and was brought before a judge immediately.

Dean is accused of shooting-and-killing Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn, as part of a plot, which followed a custody battle. Dean’s wife, who is being held on conspiracy charges – had two children with Niles, of which she lost custody during the proceedings.

Washburn and Niles were killed in front of their home.

Report: Dean to be extradited from Texas around Thanksgiving

Law enforcement reports that former police chief Timothy Dean is in the process of being extradited to Wayne County, where he faces murder charges.

He’s accused of shooting-and-killing Joshua Niles, 28, and Amber Washburn, 24, outside their Sodus home on October 22nd. He had been held at the Moore County Jail in Texas on unrelated charges.

The extradition process began on November 21st.

Dean’s wife, Charlene Childers, a former girlfriend of Niles with whom she had two children, was charged with conspiracy in Sodus Town Court earlier this month.

Deputies told WHEC-TV in Rochester that Dean has not made it to the Wayne County Jail yet.


Bohlar extradited to Wayne Co., arraigned in Sodus Town Court

A Texas police officer arrested in connection to the double murder in Sodus has been extradited to Wayne County from Moore County in Texas. He arrived at the Wayne County Jail on Saturday.

Texas authorities arrested 34-year-old Bron Bohlar, a police officer in Sunray, Texas, on November 6 for a warrant issued in Wayne County. He was extradited, and arraigned at 1 a.m. Sunday on the conspiracy charge.

Investigators say that Bohlar, along with Timothy Dean and Charlene Childers planned the shooting deaths of Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn at their Sodus home on Oct. 22.

Prior to his extradition, Bohlar was being held in Texas without bail on the charge of conspiracy in the second-degree.

Investigators say Dean remains in custody in Texas, where he faces charges related to violence against a child, in addition to those charges in Wayne County.

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Children speak after parents violently gunned down in Sodus double-murder


For the first time, we are hearing from the children left behind after two murders in Sodus last month. Their father, Josh Niles, was shot to death and their mother is now accused of conspiring to kill him and his girlfriend, Amber Washburn.

Niles’ sister, Nicole Gunkel, is now left to try to explain to his two children what happened to their father. “They were very upset, but we said she’s still your mom. You can still love your mom, but you can also be angry at her and her actions,” said Gunkel of her conversation with Niles’ children, ages 9 and 7.

They were at the center of a custody dispute between Niles and his ex-girlfriend, Charlene Childers. That dispute, police and family members say, was the motive for the murders of Niles and Washburn. Gunkel recalls, “Josh said to a friend, ‘If something happens to me, look at her (Childers),’ because she had threatened him because he had custody the kids, and she was mad.”

Gunkel says her brother was in a good place before he died. He had recently purchased a home in Sodus and had started his own landscaping business. He and Washburn were living in the home with their son and his two children with Childers. They had recently moved from Texas to Sodus after Niles was awarded temporary custody.

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Bohlar charged, set to be extradited to Wayne County


According to The Moore County News Press, Bron Bohlar was extradited to New York Tuesday night on conspiracy charges related to the deaths of a couple in Sodus.

34-year-old Bohlar, a police officer in Sunray, Texas, has been charged with conspiracy in the 2nd degree.

According to investigators, he was allegedly part of the conspiracy that led to the shooting deaths of Joshua Niles, 28, and Amber Washburn, 24, on Oct. 22 outside their home in Sodus.

Niles’ ex-girlfriend, Charlene Childers, and her current husband, Timothy Dean, have also been charged in connection to the deadly shooting.

Childers, who has been charged with conspiracy, is being held in Wayne County. Her current husband, Timothy Dean is facing first and second degree murder charges, and is awaiting extradition from Texas to New York.

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Acting police chief in Sunray, where Dean and Bohlar were served arrested


The Moore County News Press in Texas is reporting that the acting chief of the Sunray Police Department is being held on a charge of tampering with a governmental document.

The news outlet, quoting a press release from the Texas Department of Public Safety, said that acting chief Joseph Flores was arrested in Dumas, Texas, on Friday.

Christine Callanan, Wayne County second assistant district attorney, said Sunday Flores was interviewed as part of the Sodus double homicide investigation. The charges filed against him are not related to that crime though, she said.

Authorities are investigating the murder of Joseph Niles and Amber Washburn in Sodus, NY on Oct. 22.

“They were questioning him as a part of the whole investigation, but his charges don’t have anything to do with our case,” Callanan said.

“The charges are not a part of the case in Sodus.”

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Grand Jury will hear case against Charlene Childers

Tina MacIntyre-Yee on Twitter

A grand jury in Wayne County will hear the case against Charlene Childers, who is accused of plotting – with two others – a double-homicide that rocked the Sodus community.

Joshua Niles, 28, and Amber Washburn, 24, were fatally shot outside their home in the village of Sodus on Oct. 22.

On Monday, Sheriff Virts announced that 25-year-old Childers, as well as her husband, 32-year-old Timothy Dean had been charged. Childers was charged with second-degree conspiracy and second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, both felonies.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled in Sodus Town Court on Wednesday morning, but a Wayne County grand jury has heard evidence and voted an indictment to refer the case to grand jury, said Christine Callanan, Wayne County second assistant district attorney.

The date for that hearing has not been set.

Meanwhile, Dean has been charged with first-degree murder, second-degree conspiracy, and two counts of second-degree murder, and second-degree criminal possession of a weapon. The charges are all felonies.

Callanan told the D&C that it remains an open, ongoing investigation. She said that the charges Childers faces now are not the only ones she could face when all is said and done.

In a criminal complaint, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office alleges that Childers possessed a 9mm pistol at a Walker Street residence in Palmyra on October 23rd.

That weapon, according to Virts, was used to kill the young couple in Sodus.

The third arrest, which also took place this week involved a cop from Texas who knew Dean from his time as chief of police in a small Texas community.

“Bron C. Bohlar did talk to Timothy P. Dean and Charlene Childers about killing Joshua E. Niles while in the garage at Dean’s residence,” the complaint alleges. “Bron C. Bohlar helped Timothy Dean rent a vehicle for him to drive to New York to kill Joshua E. Niles.”

The complaint also alleges Bohlar put the rental vehicle in his own name, and that when Dean had an accident in the vehicle in Kansas, he rented a new one and continued driving to Sodus.

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3rd arrest in Sodus double homicide, a Texas police officer

Childers arrives at court; facing serious charges

On Thursday, Charlene Childers, who is accused of plotting the murder of her ex, Joshua Niles, over a custody decision – was arraigned on charges filed against her by the Wayne County District Attorney’s Office.

Childers walked into court – not answering a reporter, who inquired about the fact that she appeared at a vigil for Niles, and his girlfriend – whom were gunned down in broad daylight. Court documents indicate that Childers’ new husband pulled the trigger.

Timothy Dean was charged with the killing and plot. Meanwhile, Childers was charged with the plot and a weapons possession charge. Earlier this week a third arrest was made, as a police officer in Texas was charged in connection with the investigation.

Dean served as the police chief of the force where the newly-charged Bron Bohlar was employed. Dean resigned after allegations surfaced of him causing physical harm to a child.

Court docs show that Bohlar allegedly talked to both Dean and Childers in their garage about killing Niles, then with Childers’ assistance, rented a vehicle for Dean to travel from Texas to New York. That vehicle was involved in a crash in Kansas, where paperwork states Dean rented a car for the rest of the journey, according to Spectrum News.

Third arrested as murder plot expands

Bron Bohlar - Facebook Photo

A police officer in Texas has become the third person arrested in connection to the double homicide in the Village of Sodus on October 22nd.

On Tuesday night, Texas authorities took 34-year-old Bron Bohlar into custody at his residence in Dumas, Texas on a warrant issued out of Wayne County. Bohlar is a police officer in Sunray, Texas.  He is accused of being involved in the planning that led to the shooting deaths of Sodus residents Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn.

Bohlar is currently being held without bai in Texas pending extradition to Wayne County.

Two arrested as ‘murder plot’ unravels after custody battle


Joshua Niles’ ex-girlfriend, Charlene Childers and her husband Timothy Dean, were arrested on Monday for their roles in the murders. Timothy Dean, was the police chief for the Sunray Police Department.

Investigators believe Childers conspired with her husband to kill Niles. Authorities allege that Childers helped Dean rent a vehicle to drive from Texas to New York where he is accused of shooting Washburn and Niles.

Arrests have been made in the double homicide that rocked the Village of Sodus last month.

In late-October, 24-year-old Amber Washburn and 28-year-old Josh Niles were murdered in broad daylight. Their four-year-old son witnessed the tragedy.

On Monday night at a press conference Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts announced that Niles’ ex-wife, 25-year-old Charlene Childers, and her boyfriend, 32-year-old Timothy Dean had been charged.

Investigators believe the duo planned the killing together; and then Dean pulled the trigger.

Virts confirmed that they believe it had to do with a custody battle that Niles recently won against his ex, gaining custody of their two children.

In addition to the child Niles had with Washburn – the 28-year-old also had two children with Childers, who had moved to Texas, according to reports.

Dean also faces charges in Texas. He was the chief of a small police department, from which he resigned after charges of abuse against a child surfaced.

Childers was arraigned on charges of conspiracy and criminal possession of a weapon. She is being held on $100,000 bail at the Wayne County Jail.

She faces a maximum of 25 years in prison for the conspiracy charge.

Dean on the other hand, faces first- and second-degree murder charges. It could mean life behind bars. “Our deputies worked tirelessly to bring this to the arrest but right now, I need to emphasize this investigation is still ongoing and developing,” said Sheriff Barry Virts.

The kids are in the care of a family member, according to Virts.

Childers will appear in court on Tuesday. However, Dean hasn’t been taken into custody yet. A warrant has been filed, but it’s unclear when he will be extradited back to Wayne County – from Texas.

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