Developer who purchased Exxon Mobile property in Jacksonville sees hamlet on ‘up and up’

After decades of languishing in the aftermath of an environmental disaster, signs of revitalization have sprouted in the hamlet of Jacksonville within the Town of Ulysses. The latest: a local builder who sees charm and potential in the hamlet.

Earlier this week, the deed was finalized for three of the Exxon Mobil Corp. properties, land bought out by Exxon Mobil in the years following the gasoline spill that contaminated much of the hamlet’s groundwater in the 1970s. The parcels, which total a little over two acres, were sold to Andrew Nobles for $18,000.

Nobles, who grew up in Jacksonville, is the owner of Noble One Contracting, a residential construction firm specializing in home additions. kitchen and bathroom renovations. “My family bought the Dann House, it’s a landmarked house, the oldest between Ithaca and Geneva. We remodeled that house throughout my youth, it caught fire and we fully remodeled it. I grew up remodeling homes with my grandparents and my uncle. I started to get some recognition in the area, one thing led to the next, and now I have a seven-man crew and we can do three projects at a time.”

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