Auburn school board: Safety, security top priorities in capital project

By now, most of the community is more than likely aware of the capital project that the Auburn Enlarged City School District is asking residents to vote on in early January. This project, if approved by voters, will greatly enhance the safety and security in all of the school buildings, improve the health and safety of the air flow systems in the junior high and all of the elementary schools, and afford many essential site improvements at each of the schools.

This proposed project derived from the state education law-mandated Building Condition Survey completed in the 2015-2016 school year, which indicated that the district needs around $65 million worth of improvements to keep its buildings at an acceptable level. Unfortunately, the district does not have the means to make $65 million worth of repairs, but it also does not want its taxpayers to have to endure a 4.56-percent tax levy increase, which is what it would be for a $65 million project.

The district does everything in its power to keep the tax levy increase as low as possible for community members. In this case, the district was able to determine that the total cost of capital improvements able to be completed while also keeping the tax levy increase under 2 percent is $28 million.

The Auburn Citizen:
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