Critics of Moravia’s decision to end youth program speak at meeting

Two community members addressed the Moravia school district about the recently discontinued summer recreation program.

Meara Sabin and Erica Heim separately spoke about the program at a district board of education meeting Wednesday. The town of Moravia voted to stop maintaining the program at a council meeting last month. Town supervisor Terry Baxter asked the board to consider having the district run the program in October, saying the town had lost around $17,000 over the last three years.

Sabin, a special education teacher in the school district, said she was disappointed by the town’s decision. She said she does not feel the district is able to financially bear the program’s cost or that they should have been asked to be responsible for it in the first place.

“I’m standing in front of you this evening not to ask that you take over the summer rec program, because we all know that that’s not a possibility, but to ask if there’s anything the district can do to support the continuation of the program,” Sabin said.

Heim said she also feels the district is “not the right fit” for the program.

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