Investigation underway into $13K worth of stolen tools from Canandaigua site

It’s a week before Christmas, and Jordan Christian is working two and a half hours away from his three kids. And over the weekend, $13,000 worth of tools were stolen from Christian after he put in another six-day work week.

Christian, from Binghamton Remodeling Solutions, said the thief broke into his locked trailer on the job site.

“My 12-inch mitre saws were in here. This is where they just dumped the guy’s tool belt out and took his tool belt,” he said, pointing to the pile of screws and nails on the floor of the trailer. “They stole the guy’s tool belt. They dumped the nails out and they dumped the screws out and they took his $50 tool belt and the guy can’t even put his bags on today to work.”

Christian says whoever did it tried to steal the whole trailer.

“They cut the lock I had on here, but the trailer was too big for them to be able to pull,” he said.

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