New York hunters harvested more deer this year than in 2017, DEC says

This year has been a successful one for New York deer hunters.

According to the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), hunters of white-tailed deer have reported more success in 2018 than last year through the end of the regular big-game season.

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Hunters harvested 94,515 deer in 2018, compared with 85,288 and 75,073 through the same period in 2017 and 2016, respectively. These numbers were recorded through the final weekend of the Southern Zone late bow and muzzleloader season.

Similarly, in the Northern Zone, hunters harvested 14,458 deer in 2018, compared with 12,687 in 2017, and 10,894 in 2016.

This is approximately 14 percent more deer in the Northern Zone and 11 percent more deer in the Southern Zone, through Dec. 16, compared to the same period in 2017.

Reports from the Southern Zone and Northern Zone are up more than 26 percent and 33 percent from 2016 numbers, respectively, indicating an increase in harvest over the past three hunting seasons.

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