New York Legislature: Get re-elected, retire and then collect a salary and pension

Add three more members of the state Legislature to the list of those were re-elected, retired and started a new term collecting both a salary and a pension.

The three New York City-area Assembly members this month joined the ranks with two state senators who lost re-election in November and put in for their pensions, as well as former Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle, who was elected to Congress.

Morelle, D-Irondequoit, Monroe County, will now collect a roughly $80,000 annual state pension each year along with his $174,000-a-year congressional salary.

The practice of state lawmakers being able to collect a salary and a pension for the same job when they reach retirement age has long been derided in Albany.

But doing so is legal, and 15 state Assembly members and six senators double dipped last year, state records show.

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