Wayne County Treasurer Patrick Schmitt settles into new duties, not office

Wayne County Treasurer Patrick Schmitt isn’t doing much decorating to his new office at 16 William St. He isn’t going to be there much longer.

No, he’s not leaving the job he just started. It’s just that he and the rest of the Treasurer’s Office staff, along with other county departments, are vacating the building to make way for major renovations that are expected to take a year.

Schmitt, of Walworth, is working out of a series of boxes on a table behind him. No need to get fully unpacked, he said, not when a move to renovated space at the former Lyons Village Hall is just weeks away.

The goal, said Schmitt, is a seamless transition to the temporary quarters just down the street.

His hope is to close the Treasurer’s Office at the current building on one day and be open at the new location the next business day. He’s confident the Wayne County Buildings and Grounds Department, which heads the moving project, can make that happen.

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