Even with frigid temps, racers ready for snowmobiling event at Skaneateles Ski Club

The Cooks Rec Hill Race is underway at the Skaneateles Ski Club.

The winter. so far, has brought some challenges to the event because of the limited amount of snowfall in Central New York. Even with Thursday’s winter blast, there was not enough snow on the ground to host the event. Snow makers needed to be used to make Friday’s event happen.

With frigid temperatures, racers will take to the slopes until 11 p.m.

“I think especially when you’re talking snowmobile they know how to stay warm. They have the gear to snowmobile” Club Secretary Renee Dwyer said.

The ski club said it’s more than prepared to handle the crowds and cold weather.

“As far as families and stuff we do have the lodge; we’ll have the fire cranking and we’re going to have hot cocoa and coffee”, Dwyer said.

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