Siri announces improvement plans for Outlaw Speedway

Since taking ownership of the Outlaw Speedway three years ago, track owner Tyler Siri continues to make much needed improvements at the Yates County speedway.

“When I purchased the facility I knew that there were certain areas that would have to be addressed. In addition to general cleanup, paint and polish, freshening up the track’s concession areas and menus, updating existing track preparation equipment and adding to our track prep fleet, there were also additional improvements that needed to be completed. I’m pleased to announce that beginning in mid-February we will start construction of a higher concrete front straight wall complete with upgraded catch fencing and new PA speakers. Since the wall and fencing were originally constructed in the mid 1990′s by then-track owners, Lin and Cindy Hough it has taken a beating. Not only has harsh winter weather played a factor in the deterioration of the catch fencing and speaker system a number of hard crashes into the wall and fencing have made it brittle in places. A few cars got into the fencing this past year and we made some quick repairs to get us through the season. It is almost impossible to do a major construction project during race season, but now is the time to make the necessary upgrades.”

The addition of much needed new clay a couple years ago raised the track up 3 feet or more in places, thus lowering the existing front straight concrete wall. This in turn made the safety fencing and wire rope cables that protect the main grandstand seating area extremely vulnerable. Adding more height to the concrete wall with a few additional feet of all new concrete, coupled with the repair work on the fencing and cables, will add stability as well as extra fan and driver safety. All new state-of-the art public address speakers will round out the front wall and fencing project.

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