By developing weak hand, Tyus Battle hopes to boost draft stock

Tyus Battle, Syracuse’s leading scorer over the past two seasons, knew exactly where he needed to improve entering his junior year. Feedback from NBA scouts after the 2018 combine focused on two main focal points: his shot and his weak hand.

Since Syracuse lost to Duke in the 2018 Sweet 16, Battle’s improved left hand has flipped opposing team’s defensive approach. Now, they shade the natural right-hander to the right. Syracuse University assistant coach Allen Griffin even said he was “stronger” going to his off-hand. On the wings, some defenders urge him to drive right, despite it being his dominant side.

Battle’s said he’s always felt comfortable going left, even as a 10-year old. He developed his signature stepback jumper going left, giving him a new scoring element away from his dominant side.

Daily Orange:
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