Auburn man arrested for allegedly stealing wallet from woman’s coat

Police reported Monday that an Auburn man was arrested on Friday for stealing a woman’s wallet from her coat pocket back in December.

The Auburn Police Department reported that on Dec. 16, not long before noon, Jason J. Mcphearson, 26, of 38 Orchard St., grabbed a woman by her coat on a stairway. The two tussled on the stairs and the woman fell. Police said Mcphearson then took the 38-year-old woman’s wallet, which had $250 and a credit card in it, from her coat pocket.

Police said it appeared that Mcphearson knew the woman, but it didn’t appear they were in a romantic relationship.

At the time, Mcphearson fled on foot. He was picked up on a warrant around 1 p.m. Feb. 1 at 131 Van Anden St. and charged with third-degree robbery, a class D felony, and violating parole.

The Auburn Citizen:
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