Auburn man facing charges after allegedly slapping, choking woman

An Auburn man is facing a handful of criminal charges after allegedly assaulting a woman at his home.

The Auburn Police Department reported on Monday that Earl J. Jackson, 35, was arrested at his 115 Genesse St., Apt. 2, residence Sunday afternoon after allegedly slapping and choking a 28-year-old woman.

Police said Jackson and the woman got into an argument over their children, and when the woman tried to leave Jackson slapped her in the face, violating an order of protection. Police said he then grabbed her by the collar, shoved her into a chair, and choked her by pressing is knuckles against her throat. Additionally, Jackson kicked a side-view mirror off her car.

The woman was eventually able to break free and left with the child who was in the home. She called 911, police said. Police don’t believe the woman sought any medical attention.

The Auburn Citizen:
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