Recreational marijuana: Police, doctors and educators fighting legalization in New York

A growing opposition movement across law enforcement, education and public health is attacking the politically charged push to legalize recreational marijuana in New York.

Many of the powerful advocacy groups suggest passage could lead to spikes in drugged driving and marijuana-related health risks ranging from smoking hazards to psychotic episodes.

Some warn New York’s sudden rush towards legal marijuana ignores how profit-driven corporations hooked generations of Americans on alcohol, cigarettes and opioids, killing millions and straining public resources.

“We have many different intoxicants in our society, none of them are particularly helpful, and I think adding one more is not in society’s interest,” said Dr. Thomas Madejski, president of the Medical Society of The State of New York.

Much of the pushback to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s legal cannabis plan focused on the threat to children, despite the fact it would restrict use to 21 and above.

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