15 advantages of using Newswire

They say that if you want to spread your news far and wide, newswires are the place to go. Is this true?

Distribution services are not only for big companies that have plenty of announcements to make. Small and medium businesses and startups with less visibility can make use of newswires to establish trust.

When people see your business name more often, they build confidence with your brand. It is also effective when disseminating the benefits that your product provides. If you want to stand out in your industry, it can position you on top of the market.

There are a lot of advantages to your business. Let’s investigate and look at how it improves your business.

Advantages of using Press Release Distribution Service:

  1. It provides immediate exposure to your brand.

When you write an announcement about your new business or product, issuing a release can promote it to potential customers and investors. It provides you with instant exposure that you wouldn’t get right away without distributing releases.

By writing the key features of your business or product, you can position your brand on top of the minds of interested buyers. Highlighting the benefits can help them understand why they would engage with you.

When you use a press release distribution service, your story can appear on Google News. It improves your visibility on the internet.

Small companies and startups that have less visibility can benefit well from releases. Just imagine if your story gets viral, your brand can become popular straightaway.

Links in releases provide a way for your audience to know more about your brand and offer. If you issue releases frequently, investors can spot you. They would learn if it’s worth investing in your business.

Potential buyers looking for products can learn why they would choose you over others in the market. Moreover, it gives journalists a reason why they would cover you.

  1. It can get your story viral.

Using Newswire that have a huge network of journalists, bloggers and media outlets can help businesses to spread their news like wildfire. In short, news can get viral in an instant.

Press release sites syndicate your news in many places, sites and locations. It reaches subscribers and databases.

People can read and share your news on social media channels. Your news can reach publications including newspapers, trade journals, magazines, radios and television programs.

A release spreads your news far and wide. It gives your brand a boost in exposure that you wouldn’t get in another PR campaign.

The more eyes seeing your news, the easy for your story to go viral. It can also translate to gaining more leads and sales.

  1. Your release is archived on search engines.

Using newswires can help you optimize your release for the search engines. Google News has 3.4 million unique users monthly. If you are not going to optimize your news for the search results, you are most likely to miss this great opportunity.

Google News can get your news posted there up to 28 days. It gives your story much exposure. People searching for keywords that you use are most likely to find you.

Make sure to use relevant keywords or search terms for optimization. Avoid keyword stuffing to avoid Google penalty.

  1. It boosts brand awareness.

When you use newswires to distribute your story, you can get exposure to as many people and places as possible which is otherwise impossible. Newswires can position your story in front of audiences who care about your business.

Potential customers can discover your business and products. Without distribution, it is impossible for them to know that your business is existing.

Regular issuance of releases can also tap possible investors. Those looking for businesses to collaborate would know that you are an authority brand. Keep in mind they only express interest with businesses that have established their credibility in the industry.

When you write newsworthy and relevant releases, it can grab the attention of the media. If they see your brand regularly in the news, you would attract media opportunities like possible media coverage in the future.

  1. It boosts your SEO.

Yes, you heard it right. It helps increase a brand’s ranking in search results. How can it be possible when experts claim that releases are not useful anymore for SEO?

Earlier, releases were at the midst of debates. Experts say that releases don’t have SEO value any longer.

With Google’s change in algorithms, releases cannot be used anymore to rank sites. It mandated that links should have a “no follow” attribute to indicate that it is not the product of buying links.

Although it has no direct SEO value, it still provides an indirect way to boost your SEO. Well-written releases can get you backlinks. High authority sites that link back to you can boost your ranking.

Concentrate on writing quality releases. Forget about quantity and focus on quality. A relevant story is can get more reads, shares and engagement which is also factors that can enhance your SEO.

  1. It publishes your story right away.

Using press release distribution platforms syndicate your story across different sites and locations immediately. It gives you an added advantage to get your story in front of your audience quickly.

Getting your content fast is a great way to get the most of your distribution efforts. It’s important to check quality press services that can syndicate your story to a huge network. Investigate and assess which service can provide you with this advantage before dealing with any distribution company.

  1. It increases the number of your subscribers.

If your goal is to boost the number of your subscribers, newswires can help you achieve it. Having a lot of subscribers via email and RSS newsfeeds can help you get wider exposure.

People who are interested in certain topics related to your brand can find your story. They can subscribe to stories with similar interest and keywords.

It gives you the advantage to open new opportunities and connect with new audiences. Journalists can subscribe to stories related to you. It gives you the opportunity to share your stories that may feature trends, data and story ideas. When they see your story often, it can increase media opportunities for your brand.

  1. It can give your brand a social boost.

Although using newswires may not land you media coverage, journalists may mention you in their feature stories. In effect, it earns you backlinks that improve your SEO.

Don’t think that announcing the grand opening of your business will not get you anywhere but sales. Distributing release via press release distribution services can deliver you a lot of opportunities.

  1. It can increase your sales.

When you distribute release through newswires, you acquire new leads. Let’s say you announced a new product. It’s possible for you to reach locations that traditional marketing cannot do for you.

When you promote your product or service, you highlight its best features. You enumerate how your audience can benefit from it. It gives the audience a chance to move to the buying cycle.

Include a call-to-action (CTA) to encourage them to perform the next action to take. If you want them to buy your product, take them to a landing page where they can do it. Of course, more exposure means that more people would have the interest to buy your offer.

  1. It helps you manage your reputation.

With the power of the internet, it is so easy for anyone to leave negative comments of your brand. During a crisis, a release is the best way to address the issues.

If you use a distribution service, it can get your message across multiple channels fast. It’s important to air your side during these critical times. It can damage your brand name in an instant.

You can use a release to let your audience know that you are serious about handling the problems. What’s good with it is that you can control what you want people to know. You can craft your own message in a way that people will understand what happened.

It can save your business name. It’s a great tool in times of crisis.

  1. You can position your business as a thought leader.

Distributing release through press release sites like Newswire can help your brand to earn the position as an expert. You can get the annual package to distribute your content more frequently to ensure that your business is exposed to the right target regularly.

You can issue releases for many reasons. You can write about your expertise in your niche that will tag you as a leader. When they see you as an expert, it helps build trust and credibility.

Startups and small companies can follow this strategy to grow their business. You can write about your future speaking engagements, conferences and events that showcase your leadership.

  1. It boosts traffic to your site.

Distributing releases via these services can help increase the number of visitors to your site. Since it improves your distribution, it means that your story is exposed to many people and media through different channels.

The links pointing to your site can help achieve this. Provide links that people can access. Aside from learning about your announcement, they can discover your business on a deeper level.

With great content, you can attract organic backlinks. Improving your visibility means that more people can visit your site.

Don’t forget to optimize your release for better visibility. Take note of the use of keywords, links, anchor text, multimedia, descriptions and other elements.

  1. You can distribute your release in various platforms.

A single press release site can distribute your news to tens of thousands of journalists and media outlets across the radio, televisions, magazines and newspapers. You get the advantage of a wider reach.

If you’re a new business striving to get attention, newswires can promote your brand fast and easy. It gives you the edge to explore different locations to promote your message.

With wide exposure, you can easily promote your announcement. You can reach your goals easily. It can boost your reputation as a brand and help you become an ace player in your industry.

  1. You attract investors.

Distributing releases through a site can bring your brand in front of interested investors. It helps small businesses to easily grow their business.

When you write a release about your business like what you do, what you offer and your future business plans, you attract the attention of investors. Issuing it on a regular basis places your business in the spotlight that can catch their interest.

Seeing your news regularly earns you credibility. No investor has the interest to deal with unworthy brands.

  1. It brings you a new opportunity to reach your target audience.

Newswires are industry-specific and geo-targeted which is important because it helps you reach your target audience. For instance, if you are targeting technology audience, they are going to send your release to relevant journalists covering the topic.

If you want to reach a local, regional or national audience, they can help you reach them. It is easy for you to promote your message to interested people. It brings you to people who are most likely to respond to your CTA. Reaching a relevant audience will help you reach your goals.

Using press distribution sites can amplify your distribution and reach. It impacts brand awareness, trust and media opportunities.

Now that you know how you can benefit from newswires, you should carefully choose a service that will help you achieve your goals. Consider the top most factors, including cost, needs and goals.

While you may think that a distribution service can do wonders, don’t forget that it works best when you pitch directly to journalists. Still, reaching out directly to them can help you maximize the results of your distribution.

There are paid and free newswires available in the market today. Before choosing a service, filter the best that can bring you the most opportunities for your business.

Don’t forget to consider a service with high credibility. Working with reputable services ensure that you are getting a good ROI and proven results.

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