Planning the ultimate bachelor party

Planning a bachelor party your friend will never forget is a big undertaking and it takes some thought. Whether he’s the type of guy who wants a lavish celebration on the eve of his wedding or he’s more chilled out and would prefer hanging out close to home, you need to think about the logistics of planning the ultimate night out that he’ll never forget. Here are some top tips to make sure the whole event goes ahead with a bang.

Consider the Budget

While a trip to Vegas for a spot of glitz, glamour and gambling might be the ideal bachelor party for you and your pals, the truth is that it’s not always realistic for everyone’s budget. It’s not just the bachelor you need to consider but also the other people invited to the party. Before you get ahead of yourself planning a big shindig, contact everyone who is coming and find out what they can afford to spend so you can plan something that suits everyone, for example, if everyone is a bit strapped for cash maybe trade in the Bellagio for an online casino. The same can be said for the duration of the stag do – is it one night or a whole weekend? While the longer the stag do, the more you can include, it also means taking more time off work and more money so it might not be practical.

Don’t Forget Who the Weekend is For

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re planning a bachelor party and wind up booking something you’d like more than the bachelor will enjoy, so remember to keep his wishes in mind when you’re deciding what to do. The worst thing you could do is create an event that has him feeling uncomfortable all night – after all, he chose you to organize it because you know him best so bear it in mind.

Choose Your Location

The world is your oyster when it comes to the location of the bachelor party, so think about whether you’re heading off on a guy’s holiday or if you’re going to make use of the local surroundings and do activities that are a little closer to home. It can be a lot of fun being a tourist in your own city so it doesn’t have to be a letdown if you choose not to go elsewhere.

Consider Whether You’re Keeping It A Secret

There’s something to be said for keeping the whole party a surprise, but if the bachelor isn’t one for surprises then it might not be the best move. Discuss it with the group and determine if it’s a good idea to be transparent about what you’ll all be doing or whether he’d get a kick out of not knowing until the day.

Be Flexible

Planning a bachelor party is a good idea, as you don’t want to just spend the whole night sitting at the local pub with no idea what to do, but it also pays to be flexible and leave some room for the unexpected. Sticking too close to the schedule might mean you wind up missing out on hilarious moments or priceless photo opportunities that completely make the whole night.

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