Cayuga County fire personnel ask for deputy emergency management director’s reinstatement

Chiefs and other personnel from volunteer fire departments throughout Cayuga County packed the Legislative Chambers Tuesday night to request the return of a longtime deputy director of the county’s Emergency Management Offices.

While county officials asked the the speakers not to name the deputy director or discuss any other personnel matters, multiple chiefs confirmed after the meeting they were referring to former Deputy Director Maureen Conley.

The request comes after the department’s only remaining full-time employee, Deputy Director Niel Rivenburgh, was placed on administrative leave Feb. 15.

Officials declined to comment on the move, citing personnel matters, but it came after many of the chiefs also present Tuesday voiced concerns about Rivenburgh following the abrupt resignation of the then newly-appointed director and a deputy director in January.

Speaking in the public forum section of Tuesday’s Legislature meeting, multiple fire services members described Conley as an exemplary employee, and asked for her to be allowed back into the position.

The chiefs also presented the Legislature with letters from the county’s fire Battalions 5 and 6, which together represent more than 10 different departments, expressing “no confidence” in the state of the EMO, which currently has no full-time employees, and for Conley to return.

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