Senate OKs bill to ease residency rule for Cayuga County assistant DAs

The state Senate on Wednesday passed a bill that would allow Cayuga County District Attorney Jon Budelmann to hire a senior assistant district attorney and other assistant district attorneys who reside in nearby counties.

Budelmann sought the exception last year to help fill vacancies in his office. He informed Cayuga County legislators that there was a candidate who was qualified, but lived in Onondaga County.

The candidate was hired by Budelmann on a temporary basis because the law doesn't state when the employee must become a resident of the county. But to ensure the employee could remain with his office, he needed the state to ease the residency requirement.

Under the state Public Officers Law, assistant district attorneys must be residents of the county.

The legislation sponsored by state Sen. Pam Helming would amend the law to permit the senior assistant district attorney and assistant district attorneys to "reside in an adjoining county."

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