Canandaigua kicks in for healthier lake

Citing the importance of Canandaigua Lake to the region for drinking water, recreation, tourism and local economy, City Council on Thursday night agreed to support the Lake Friendly Lawn Care Initiative.

The education measure through the Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association and Watershed Council aims to improve lake water quality by educating the public about healthier lawn care practices.

The city, which had set aside funding in the budget this year for this purpose, and town of Canandaigua will partner with the groups through technical and financial assistance in order to enhance the program.

The city also voted Thursday night to spend $2,500 as part of the partnership.

Councilmember Stephen Uebbing called this a “participatory” resolution, meaning that city residents — and those who live outside the city — can buy into changing the culture of the community as it relates to lawn care.

Noting this is not a legislative ban, Uebbing said this asks residents and businesses to instead take action on their own.

“This is an opportunity to question the use of pesticides,” Uebbing said during a City Council meeting Thursday night.

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