Top fun cities in the US you should visit

All those 9 to 5 hours of endless stress, mind-numbing meetings, eyes glued to the computer screens need some valve through which to blow some of that steam off. Make good use of all the leisure time that you can get your hands on and plan some fun-filled activities that can help you catch your breath and go ahead to another workweek. Fortunately enough, there are a couple of fun cities to visit in the US that could keep you busy enjoying yourselves for quite a while. So grab a backpack and fill your weekends with all that the cities below have to offer.

Las Vegas

When it comes down to the art of entertainment, you can hardly find a better-suited place for it, then the ill-famed Las Vegas. Every temptation that man has thought of is within hand’s reach. Ease the gambling virus, which gets hold of any traveler of this city, by hitting a couple of slots, perhaps some tables if you feel lucky enough. Enjoy the glittering lights, and the extreme extravaganza found on a simple walk along the Strip. Book the best adult shows tickets to make a perfect night. And you won’t regret it. If glamour is not quite your cup of tea and you dread the Strip, but rather enjoy nature’s grandeur, there are plenty options as well: the dreadful Death Valley, the mighty Grand Canyon or the impressive Hoover Dam. But even if you decide to take the trip outdoors, don’t completely rule out the water-show that the fountains of Bellagio Hotel put to stage.

New Orleans

Going to this history filled city you might find that it hardly is what you would have expected to find. It undoubtedly has an atmosphere of smoke and mystery, one could visit the thrill-filled tour following the story of what might have been the first proof of vampire existence, in the person of Jacque St. Germain, a representative figure of New Orleans. Also, one of the most expected events that go on in this city is the colorful carnival of Mardi Gras, with the joyful parades, well-known for the enhanced promiscuity of the participants. The specific lust for life that people feel here is sure to be found in the music, that New Orleans is the birthplace of. There is no other place in the world so full of jazz history than this.

St. Louis

Keeping it in the same regime of music styles that belong to one place more than others, the city that quite literally gave us the blues, St. Louis is one of the must-see objectives in the US. You can listen to bands along the Mississippi in any casual walk on the riverfront. Go natural in one of the largest urban parks, the Forest Park, home for the Zoo, Art Museum, Shakespeare in the Park festival, plus a whole lot of sports facilities. Almost anything just to enjoy the fresh air. Also, try and immerse in the pulsating life of sports, seeing how some of the most passionate supporters reside here. And be sure to check Gateway Arch, a monument as simple, as it is impressive.

San Francisco

If you’re looking for the best nightlife in the USA, coming to this city might just be the key. Besides being one of the most expensive places in the US, it also has the most dance clubs reported to the number of residents. So, if you can avoid wearing down your feet visiting the beauties of The City by the Bay, be sure to get your boogie on the dance floors. Although it’s hard to resist visiting the Victorian houses known as the Painted Ladies, the crooked Lombard Street, traveling up and down the hills using the cable car, seeing how carefree people live in the hippie district or simply, viewing the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset.

New York City

Probably not the first choice for those who want to mellow down and relax, but New York shouldn’t miss from any list of fun cities. If it’s your first trip here, the symbols of the city are a must to on your to-do list. But, going a little bit deeper, if you’re a concert fan, you’ll love the musical filled Theatre District. Also, try and cover everything the Central Park has to offer: bass fishing, hear bands play, go on a gondola ride, race model sailboats, play croquet, or recharge your batteries on a picnic in the sun.