INSIDE THE FLX: Discussing the impact of The Fatherhood Connection (podcast)

One of the easiest and fastest ways to improve the community is through family.

The Fatherhood Connection, founded by Reggie Cox, has spent years connecting fathers with the skills they need to be proactive, strong parents in a variety of environments. Reggie says that the basis for the faith-based effort is ‘availability’. Being available, as he proudly said during a recent appearance on Inside the FLX, has a profound impact, and makes a big difference on that child’s life. He says the research backs it up, too.

The aim of the Fatherhood Connection is to help fathers become the parental figures their children need them to be.

Reggie Cox was joined by Tracy VanVleck, Commissioner of Human Services; and Don Black, a mentor within the program, who has been an advocate for The Fatherhood Connection, who helped bring it to Seneca County.

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