Village of Victor residents to vote Tuesday on plan to become an independent fire district

Voters in the Village of Victor will decide the future of their fire department Tuesday.

They've been debating for two years whether to dissolve the current department run by the village and replace it with an independent fire district.

Victor Volunteer Fire Department Chief Sean McAdoo is pushing for the change. He said it's getting harder to find enough volunteers to cover certain shifts. Creating a fire district would allow the department to add two paid firefighters to bridge the gap and ensure fire protection, he said.

The fire department is all volunteer, but not all of its members are available during the day to respond to emergencies. McAdoo said he's recommending that the two paid firefighters be hired to work Monday through Friday during the day.

“We have 53 volunteers who, on the nights and weekends, can turn out in an appropriate way to protect the public,” said McAdoo. “During the daytime, though, we maybe have three or four people who can consistently be there, and that’s not enough to provide the service that’s required."

The fire department would move from a village-owned station to an independent fire district that would ultimately be run by a board of five unpaid fire commissioners.

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