Auburn woman sentenced for burglary in Cayuga County prostitution case

An Auburn woman will spend about five years in prison for stealing a wallet in Venice.

In November 2017, Shannon Terwilliger, 38, entered dwellings on two Venice dairy farms. At one, she offered another woman for prostitution services and at the other, she stole a wallet. Although scheduled to begin a week-long trial for her crimes in December, she pleaded guilty instead.

Terwilliger and a female codefendent left the first dwelling when farmworkers said they weren't interested in prostitution services, Chief Assistant District Attorney Christopher Valdina told The Citizen in December. At the second home, Terwilliger stole a wallet and debit card found in a man's pair of pants.

The situation wasn't much unlike that of Clarence Brown who was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2008 for his conviction of second-degree felony burglary and one year in jail for promoting prostitution, a misdemeanor, Valdina said. Terwilliger was an accomplice of Brown and testified at his 2008 trial.

Terwilliger, a second-violent-felony offender, was involved in a series of similar burglaries which victimized immigrants and other vulnerable people, Cayuga County District Attorney Jon Budelmann said in Cayuga County Court Tuesday.

The Citizen:
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