Sheriff: Vehicle from 1950s, 1960s located by fisherman in Canandaigua Lake

The Ontario County Sheriff’s Underwater Search and Recovery Team responded to the Butler Road, West Lake Road area this morning on Canandaigua Lake after a fisherman reported a vehicle under the water.

Upon investigation, a vehicle, approximately 300 yards off-shore, and 21 feet below the surface was discovered.

Sheriff Kevin Henderson says the vehicle appears to be from the early-1950’s to early-1960’s and due to the accumulation of silt and algae.

He says the the USRT team dove on the vehicle to check for any possible human remains, and none were found. After searching the vehicle, it was discovered that the passenger door and interior were both missing from it.

There was no identification on the vehicle.

Henderson says the DEC department will be notified and they will determine what action is needed if any regarding recovery of the vehicle.

Photo of the vehicle beneath Canandaigua Lake.