Ontario County launches campaign to stamp out child exploitation

The Ontario County Task Force unveiled a new campaign to give kids who may be at risk information they can use to get help to protect from being exploited.

The campaign gives kids information they can use to get help. The information comes in an app for smartphones.

The campaign is called the #StampItOut initiative and the mission is to empower youth in the communities with awareness, support, and protection from being exploited.

Ontario County sees 120 cases per month involving exploited children, and those are only the reported cases.

On Wednesday, the Superintendent of Geneva schools spoke about the first time she experienced child exploitation- and helped talk the student to safety.

“She would put her head down on the desk, and if anyone tried to engage this young lady, she became violent,” said Trina Newton, the superintendent, “It was through a lot of trust, a lot of conversations as teachers that we were able to get her to tell us that her father was prostituting her out during the visitations.”

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