Tim Tebow struggles in opening day loss for Syracuse Mets

Tie game in the bottom of the ninth. It was every young ballplayer’s dream. Tim Tebow was leading off for the Syracuse Mets. He’d homered on his last two opening days. Why not this one, too?

But a lefty-lefty matchup led to a 94 mile per hour fastball in on the hands. Tebow’s two-strike swing was just a bit too long.

“They match up with him, lefties gave him a tough time,” Syracuse manager Tony DeFrancesco said. “… Overall I think they’re gonna try to pound him in, and he’s gotta make adjustments and stay short through the ball.”

Tebow finished his Triple-A debut 0-for-4 with two strikeouts and two groundouts as the Mets (0-1) lost, 6-3, in extra innings to the Pawtucket Red Sox (1-0). He caught two routine fly balls in left field, as well. A step-up in level meant a step-up in the opposing pitchers, and after one Thursday afternoon at NBT Bank Stadium, it was a step Tebow didn’t look ready to take.

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