Army Corps of Engineers to start $100K temporary fix for Fair Haven break wall this summer

A $100,000 construction project will temporarily fix the broken break wall in Fair Haven.

It’s a step forward for the tourism-dependent village that is fighting its way back to normalcy after disastrous flooding in 2017.

The break wall in Fair Haven remains in shambles following the high water levels of Lake Ontario. On Thursday, the village learned of a $100,000 construction project that will temporarily fix the wall.

It was welcome news for William McVea, 85, who has lived along the shoreline for most of his life.

“It’s time it was fixed. It’s either going to get fixed or fall entirely,” McVea said.

Fair Haven Mayor James Basile, the Army Corps of Engineers and Rep. John Katko surveyed the damage along the shoreline Thursday afternoon.

Rep. Katko says he is working with the International Joint Commission, which is a Canadian and American board that cooperates to manage shared bodies of water. Katko says he wants more Americans on the board.

“This is going to be a problem for a long time to come so we need to start releasing as much water as we possibly can to the other side to relieve the lake levels here and that’s what we`re working on,” Rep. Katko said.

The Army Corps of engineers will start repairing the damaged break wall this summer and it should be done by the end of the year.
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