Morelle wants infrastructure deal to include plans to protect lakeside communities

Congressman Joe Morelle called for any infrastructure agreement reached by the president and Congress to include a comprehensive plan to protect communities along the Great Lakes coastline.

Right now, the Army Corps of Engineers is conducting a Great Lakes Coastal Resiliency study.

In a letter sent to House leadership, Morelle said any agreement must make investments that support the recommendations of the Army Corps in order to protect lakeside communities.

"In the short term, we need to build a plan for resiliency, something that mitigates any potential disasters and that's what we're really about today," Morelle said. "If we're going to spend $2 trillion in this country on infrastructure, I want to make sure one of the priorities is Great Lakes Resiliency and make sure that we are taking proactive steps to help business and help homeowners certainly and the municipalities that have infrastructure as well."

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