Socciarelli gets 32 years for rape of 16-year-old girl

A convicted sex offender was sentenced to 32 years in state prison after being found guilty of multiple sex charges including first-degree rape.

In late April, Michael Socciarelli, 32, was sentenced after being found guilty of first degree rape, first degree criminal sex act, third degree rape, third degree criminal sex act, first degree sex abuse, and two counts of first degree possession of sexual performance by a child to 32 years in totality.

“When you look at this defendant before that night he and a bunch of kids get drunk and he took advantage of the one who was the most drunk, passed out,” said Ontario County Court Judge Frederick Reed during sentencing.

At the time of the crime Socciarelli was in a casual relationship with the 16-year-old victim's 18-year old sister. After buying the booze for the minors, Socciarelli went into the back of the trailer and raped the incoherent girl.

The day after the party the victims family members called 911 to report the crime where investigators got a partial confession and Socciarelli claimed "it was all consensual." As the investigation developed sexual recordings involving a minor were discovered on his phone.

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