Canandaigua, HFL students talk lackluster lunches at school

When a Canandaigua Academy student posted a picture of the moldy pudding that came with her school lunch to the Canandaigua 2020 Facebook page, she informed those in the group that she had seen little action from cafeteria officials.

“I asked them when they replace the cups and they replied with we dont until we need more. They also told me that the mold in my Bought lunch was not going to hurt me if I ate it?! [sic]”

But this isn’t an isolated incident. In fact, Canandaigua Academy has had so many occurrences of less than desirable school lunches that students have made an Instagram account dedicated to documenting the daily wares.

As recently as Feb. 28, the moderators of the account have posted pictures of frozen milk, rubbery pizza, pimply cheesesteak, bony and overcooked chicken and more.

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