How Shakespeare’s wisdom can improve student life

The works of Shakespeare have introduced and inspired a lot of generations into the very beautiful month of drama and plays. Anytime we experience his works, we always get inspired and amazed by something new that we did not notice. He has been the major moving force for a couple of centuries now in the education system all over the world, and a lot of young people have been cultivated in the process of transitional adulthood.

For better student engagements, there are student engagement quotes that you can make use of and steps or tips that you can employ in making use of the works of William Shakespeare. The steps and tips that you can use are:

  1. Shakespeare plays based movies: the best way that interest can be raised in his work is through watching or quoting movies that are based on plays written by him. A perfect movie to start with is the wonderful ‘Romeo + Juliet’ released in 1996 with the lead role played by the famous Leonardo DiCaprio. It is the perfect material that you can employ in sparking the interest of children and teenagers. A classroom-like website can be created, and quotes used in the movie can be posted there. The quotes are later analyzed, and the original Shakespeare play discussed. At the end of the day, there will be a classroom full of students who will be emotionally and intellectually touched by the tremendous work of Shakespeare and also learn a lot about history during the process.

  2. Make it into a privilege: the plays by Shakespeare only get done by students after all the other activities they have to do are done successfully. Extra credits can be given to the students who would like to be involved in the works of Shakespeare. His works can be discussed with anticipation and excitement. It is essential that you do not give up, always endeavor to make them believe that it is a must-read to become a functional and successful adult.

  3. Every day, different roles should be assigned: you can help students improve their lives through Shakespeare’s wisdom by bringing his plays back to life through assigning your students’ different roles each day which can be acted out during the class. Another way is to operate a system which is like a lottery online where different students get assigned different role which will have to be prepared for. You can create a classroom website where you will try to involve all of your students; the online classroom can be one that is very interactive and fun for all age groups.

  4. Real-life comparison can be used: real-life analogies can be found between the plays and the lives of students just to show them that the plays are relatable, this is going to go a very long way in helping them. It is possible for you to start a community online where people can read up the summary of William Shakespeare biography, share their essay or summary that they are writing, share their own personal experiences that are similar to yours and also discuss different issues that are complex in a manner that is more serious. If full cohesion is going to be achieved, it is important that a website is built for the school which will serve all of the students. It is important that the students can relate and be able to learn from the wisdom of Shakespeare and what the plays are all about. All of the plays by Shakespeare are totally universal and have themes which anyone will be able to relate to and understand.

The works of Shakespeare, when combined with all of the different technologies that we have today, can be quite effective. All of the wisdom of Shakespeare in his plays can go a very long way in helping students improve and help them go through life. This is because most of the events in these plays are very relatable, and words of wisdom can be found in them. The works of Shakespeare also go a very long way in helping students improve their English language skills and their knowledge of literature. You can start a website classroom online where different students get to express and say all they have on their minds about the many Shakespeare plays and find materials. The very best way through which students can learn the history and the English language is through the creations of Williams Shakespeare. All of his pieces are timeless, and the system of education will always have them.

There are a lot of wisdom and life lessons that we can get from the works of Shakespeare. Some of the lessons from the quotes include:

  1. He advises us to take full control of our own destinies in Julius Caesar instead of trying to count on predetermined fate. He encourages people to try and maximize their personal skills and talents in their pursuit and strive for success.

  2. In Romeo and Juliet, he advises that we should always think our decisions through, and we should not rush into any action or decisions because all of our actions have their own consequences and we should think about the consequences before we take action.

  3. In Othello, he tries to dwell on how important patience is and how we need to possess patience as a virtue as it can help us flourish, and we will also be able to help other people and help other individuals flourish through the environment we have created.

  4. In Hamlet, he talks about self-belief through Ophelia. He talks about the importance of self-improvement and how we can understand both our weaknesses and strengths and be able to work on them and achieve all of our ambitions.

All of the above lessons from the words of wisdom in the works of the great William Shakespeare are applicable in our day to day life and can help us in living a life that is wonderful. It is mind-blowing that all of these words of wisdom are still applicable and can work even after centuries that his works have been around. It is, therefore, advisable that serious attention is paid to the many works of William Shakespeare as there is a lot to learn from it. These things can help you as a student improve, get a lot better and also prepare you for life.

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