Trends in the restaurant business – What will impress us in 2019?

The time when the restaurant visit was not connected with technology in any way was gone. All the things that previously seemed innovative, such as online pizza order delivery or free Wi-Fi at a cafe, have now become the default service. In this article, we will talk about how technologies have changed the restaurant market, which services are already available in many countries, and which solutions can we expect soon.

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World Technotrends Being Popular in the Restaurant Industry

The restaurant market is just like an online casino – it is impossible to stay away from technological solutions and revolutionary approaches towards common tasks. According to the American market research, we have the following info about the industry state:

  • 71% of visitors prefer to order food takeaway;
  • 52% of guests expect to have free Wi-Fi in the restaurant;
  • 47% of people expect that pre-order by phone is available in a restaurant;
  • 78% of Millennials are looking for a menu on the Internet;
  • 32% of Millennials are already paying through Apple Pay and Google Pay.

All these facts suggest that now it is not enough just to meet the standard criteria of the restaurant: to guarantee just the quality of the product and service. People choose manufacturability. This is becoming more and more characteristic of our market.

Technotrends in the Restaurant Business

1. Cloud Services

The tendency to store data not on the company servers but in the cloud is gaining momentum. Restaurateurs want full access to operational data and analytics from anywhere in the world, without depending on a single workplace. And the cloud services make it possible.

2. Take Away Food & Takeaway

Food delivery and online ordering are developing at an incredibly fast pace. In addition to the delivery from ordinary cafes and restaurants, “online establishments” are becoming popular as well. One of the new ideas on the market is “hubs” for virtual establishments: the cuisines of different restaurants under the “same roof.” This reduces the cost of establishments and makes delivery more accessible to visitors.

3. Robotization in Restaurants

For some reason, many believe that robots are a thing from a distant future. In fact, this is not true. Robots will become a part of our nowadays soon.

4. Self-Service Kiosks

This is the trend for fast-food formats. In fact, the cashier becomes an extra link in establishments of this type, and restaurateurs are trying to replace it and minimize expenses. Thus, 13% of visitors to the United States have already placed orders through kiosks. The third part of respondents said they would use the kiosks if they had the opportunity to do so.

5. QR Code on Customer Receipt

More and more restaurants use this technology so that the guest can pay for the order using a smartphone. It is enough to ask the waiter for an account and scan the QR code through the mobile application, after which the amount will be automatically debited from the card. The whole process takes just a few seconds.

The QR code itself can contain various information: menu, delivery terms, restaurant history, or personal loyalty card data. Using the code, you can also create a note in the calendar with the action or event, which will be in that specific place, or you can simply redirect the visitor to the reviews page.

6. Face Recognition

Self-service kiosks can be smart: identify a guest by face, offer him to repeat the previous order, and then automatically debit money from the card. For example, in experimental mode, Face ID works in some cafes already.

Excited by the above solutions? Looking forward to test the new restaurant technology yourself? You will have such a chance soon! More to come!

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