2020 the US Presidential Elections

What the American president should be? In the last decade, many events have taken place in the US presidential election that was previously considered incredible. Just remember what happened in 2008. For the first time in history, African-American Barack Obama took over the country’s top post. The following elections the Mormon Mitt Romney was nominated from the Republican Party, and four years later, Hillary Clinton became the candidate from the Democratic Party.

For whom are the Americans going to vote in 2020? People all over the world suggest the results of future elections. The New Zealand representatives express their high interest in this question. Despite the fact that online casino for NZ players offers quite profitable conditions people more often choose to bet on political candidates.

The representatives of the Gallup Institute published the results of a public opinion poll on the topic of presidential elections.

The results suggest that American voters do not attach decisive importance to race, ethnicity, and gender of the candidate:

  • 96% of them are ready to vote for the African-American president;
  • 95% for the Hispanic;
  • 94% for the woman.

But the Americans turned out to be less tolerant as to religion worldview:

  • 95% of the respondents agreed to vote for adherents of Catholicism;
  • 93% are ready to vote for the representative of Judaism;
  • 80% may choose the evangelist;
  • and only 66% may vote for the Muslim.

The USA electorate does not trust the leader who does not confess any religion: only 60% of polled are ready to see an atheist as their president. However, the percentage of those who trust atheists has grown by 2 points since the last poll. But the negative attitude towards the socialists remained unchanged: only 47% of the electorate are ready to vote for them.

Non-conforming individuals is another contentious issue which has sparked controversy between the voters of the USA. When it comes to this subject the position of the electorate is the following: a gay or lesbian who is running for the presidency can count on the support of no more than 76% of the country’s population. Too young (under 40) and too old (over 70) candidates have also little chances: 71% and 63%, respectively.

Presidential Candidates

More than two dozen people reported on their participation in the election campaign. Among them, it is worth noting the former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, and a member of the House of Representatives Tulsi Gabbard. Bloomberg believes that he has a chance to win the election, despite his old age (he is 77).

The main contenders for the presidency

The main election struggle will unfold between the Republican and the Democratic parties. Most likely the Republicans will be represented by current president Donald Trump and the Democrats will run Joe Biden, vice president of the United States, as a candidate.

In the last 10 presidential elections in the USA, the Americans more often elected the Republican Party candidates: the Republican representatives became head of the country 6 times and the Democrats were elected only 4 times. Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were among the last Democratic presidents, Donald Trump and George Bush were on the list of Republicans. It is worth noting that the two previous presidents (Obama and Bush) were keeping the presidency for 2 terms. If voters follow the tradition, then Trump will be the winner of the next election.

People who are interested in future elections are making their bets already. Most of them are following 2 tips of bookmakers:

  • waiting for the results of the survey of 2019;
  • paying attention to the Democrats candidate: if the party puts Biden, then the chances of winning Trump will increase.

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