FingerLakes1.com launches Patreon to support continued growth in local digital content

FingerLakes1.com has officially launched a Patreon Support model, for readers, viewers, and listeners who want to support our mission.

For 20 years now, FingerLakes1.com has focused on delivering news and information in a unique, interactive way and on a relentless, 24/7. 365 day a year publishing schedule.

Whether that’s live-streaming local high school basketball throughout the winter, or showcasing in-depth conversations on podcasts like FLX Weekly, Inside the FLX, Around the Lakes, The 31st Lap, Fresh Takes, Sportsbook Confidential, The Melissa Killeleagh Show, Crash Course, Final Round, or Sunday Conversation – it comes down to providing conversations with news makers in unique, or different formats.

While FingerLakes1.com runs ads across a significant portion of our platforms – our video and audio content typically features fewer ads. FingerLakes1.com does not employ a paywall; and putting important content – like that mentioned above behind one is something that doesn’t fit with our vision.

Millions of people have made FingerLakes1.com a part of their daily lives. In 2018, the website was visited more than 22 million times. It represented the third consecutive year of double-digit percentage traffic growth.

And 2019 is on pace to do it again.

Whether you rely on FingerLakes1.com’s coverage of important local issues, or are a dedicated listener or viewer who loves the digital content produced in-studio, or are simply a casual surveyor of headlines – the FingerLakes1.com experience will never include an inundation of ads or pop-ups that slow down your mobile device or computer.

Support means more content, more coverage, and a better community. For just a few dollars a month, we will be able to expand efforts across the board to offer even more unique local content.

Anyone can become a supporter. Simply visit www.Patreon.com/FL1 to learn more.

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