Governor suggests coverage of state would be more complete if press traveled

A common and consistent through line for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s criticism of the press that covers him day to day is they don’t get out much.

Cuomo on Tuesday in an interview with WAMC noted when his father Mario Cuomo was governor, the reporters would travel with him. That changed when his successor, George Pataki, got rid of the plane.

“When he would travel – leave Albany, God forbid – the press would go with him. Why? Because there was a state plane called the G1, you’ll remember, with the turbo props that sat about I guess it was 30 people or so,” Cuomo said.

“And he would bring the press and the press would come to the event which changed coverage of state government dramatically because then it was not just about what was happening in the state Capitol and the Legislature and all the Capitol intrigue and policy intrigue and this Assemblyman, that Senator. It was flooding in Lake Ontario which is real life. It was MTA service which is real life. My father gets criticized in the campaign for use of the plane. George Pataki comes in and sells the plane, buys helicopters. Now the press can’t travel and the press remains in Albany.”

That’s led to a change in how state government can be covered.

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