Governor Cuomo demands immediate action in response to Lake Ontario flooding

In a letter to the International Joint Commission on Saturday, Governor Andrew Cuomo demanded immediate action in response to Lake Ontario flooding.

The governor was adamant that the devastation to businesses and citizens caused by lake flooding be remedied.

“The IJC must immediately maximize the outflows to the greatest extent possible, even if that impacts navigation along the river temporarily,” said Cuomo.

The International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Board announced they will continue to increase outflows to provide relief on the Lake Ontario shoreline, above the regulation plan’s maximum limit.

“Following the 2017 flooding, the IJC knew or should have known of the significant potential for future flooding events, but failed to exercise the forethought to protect against the devastating impacts of flooding,” Cuomo said.

The governor made it clear that he wants the IJC to pay for damages due to lakeshore flooding.
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