Sen. Chuck Schumer criticizes Plan 2014 publicly

Sen. Chuck Schumer was in Fair Haven this morning to demand that action be taken to combat the erosion and flooding problems that so many along Lake Ontario have been dealing with for years.

Schumer is calling on the army core to repair major damages before the height of tourism season.

He also says the 2014 plan needs to be revamped and updated to address what people are dealing with now and not several years ago.

“The army core can start doing engineering feasibility studies of major protections. Where to build sea walls, where to build piers, what to do with the dredging. So this would never happen again even when the water gets high so we wouldn’t have to rely on the IJC because there would be real protection,” Schumer says.

He also said that the floods from 2017 aren’t being repeated, they’re actually getting worse. Long-term, he says preventative measures need to be a priority.

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