New restaurant struggles to stay afloat due to shoreline flooding

A new restaurant in the town of Huron is struggling to stay afloat due to all the flooding on the Lake Ontario shoreline.

Bryan Ritter cashed in all his savings and opened Pier Fifty-Three Open Air Bar & Brick Oven on Labor Day weekend. He said he and his family wanted to give people a taste of what it’s like to live along the lake. But he said business has been struggling since they opened the restaurant because of the flooded docks.

Ritter said he put in docks for people to park their boats and come to the restaurant, but now that they’re flooded, no boaters means less business.

“It’s such a short summer here, we’re gonna run out of time quick I mean look at the restaurant now I’ve got two people in here it’s a summer day, school’s out this place should be packed,” said Ritter.

There is a torrent of water being released through the Massena dam up in northern New York. That’s the dam that allows Lake Ontario water to dash down the St. Lawrence River. The group controlling the outflow, the IJC, said they’re breaking their own rules to send out the current the amount. Ritter said he hasn’t seen a difference. He said he blames Plan 2014.

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