What’s next for ShoppingTown? We can look west for answers

If ShoppingTown Mall's owners fail to pay the nearly 10 million dollars in taxes they owe, Onondaga County could be faced with the same questions a suburban Rochester community had to ask itself: "What exactly do you do with an empty or abandoned mall property?"

The Medley Centre Mall, as it was known in its most recent iteration, first opened as the Irondequoit Mall in 1990 to early success.

The 300,000 square foot mall just north of Rochester was eventually sold to Scott Congel, son of Syracuse-based mall developer Robert Congel. What followed was years of failed re-development plans and a nearly $4 million tax bill that went unpaid

With ongoing legal battles between local governments and a Japanese bank, the Medley Center became vacant and an eyesore.

“This albatross just clouds and lingers over like a dark cloud and it’s very frustrating,” said Dave Seeley, Irondequoit Town Supervisor.

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