Canadian Airline News

With the summer here in full swing, there is a good chance that many Canadians will take to the friendly skies. Unfortunately, it seems that the start of this year’s peak summer travel season was preceded with an announcement that could spell bad news for Canadian travelers. It hasn’t been a big secret that Air Transat has been losing money and this is why they finally agreed to a deal with Air Canada. The airline mogul Air Canada purchased Air Transat for 520 million Canadian dollars. For travelers, this really means two things. It means that the companies will literally own about sixty percent of the trans-Atlantic air travel business to and from Canada. Not only this, but it also means that Air Canada is going to further expand its travel.

The Names On The Planes

It seems that Air Canada has promised to keep the Air Transat name on some of the planes as well as the main office in Montreal. This decision was probably made out of respect for one of the founding fathers of Air Transat Francois Legault. Legault is a prominent and revered figure in Quebec. As of right now there really hasn’t been any mention of what will happen to airfares. Air Transat’s prices are currently cheaper than Air Canada. Does this mean that the patrons of the airliner can expect to see increases in airfare?

The Takeover Of WestJet

It seems that the only hopes of avoiding rising ticket prices come down to another takeover. This would be the takeover of WestJet the number two carrier in Canada. They are in the process of being sold to the Onex Group. The Onex Group is a privately funded equity based in Toronto that could completely change Canadian airlines as flyers know it. It seems that WestJet will no longer just be sticking to domestic flights as they have done for the past several years. They are not looking to expand into the trans-Atlantic business. In the past, it was the airline’s lack of planes that could fly across oceans that stopped them from expanding overseas, but it looks like the Onex Group could completely change that.

The Boeing Mess

Any frequent flyer has probably been paying close attention to the news as of late. It seems that there have been several reported problems with the Boeing 737 Max jet. As these problems continue, it could only spell trouble for Air Canada, WestJet, and other airliners. WestJet and many other airlines around the world have been scrambling and fiddling trying to reschedule flights to help deal with the fact that they had to ground two dozen of their Boeing 737 Max jets. It was two deadly crashes and several reports of other mechanical problems that led to the grounding of these planes. It has been uncovered that there was a software glitch in the plan that ultimately led to the death of 346 passengers.

This could spell major trouble for Air Canada’s future since this very plane was supposed to be their future workhorse. The airliner is currently waiting on a new shipment of 60 planes. Just remember that when you are flying, you always have a number of options to occupy your time. Check out CasinoGuru Canada to find a number of reliable online casinos where you can gamble for real life money.

Is The Airbus A Suitable Replacement?

It looks like there might be some hopes on the horizon for Air Canada as Air Transat long ago agreed to lease 15 Airbuses. This plane is somewhat similar to the 737 Max and is a particularly fuel-efficient plane. This would be a viable solution to the 737 mess, but the only problem is that Airbus simply can’t produce enough planes. Anyone looking to buy one of these planes as an alternative to the 737 will be placed at the bottom of a long line. Fortunately, for Air Canada, it seems that the takeover of Air Transat will jump them up the line. The purchase of Air Transat was huge new in Quebec. As you learned earlier, the airliner was one of a group of companies that was founded by French-speaking Quebecers. The airline held a huge symbolic symbol for the province and brings up distant memories of Bombardier, probably one of the most important members of this group of companies.

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